Why Run With Your Dog?

Personal training for dogs. You’re kidding, right? Actually, no, we’re not. Research suggests up to 40% of our dogs are overweight, and they suffer from the same health complications that overweight people do. Veterinarians (including myself) are becoming more and more concerned about the increase in joint pain, heart disease and other obesity related illnesses in dogs. Hence, Pooch to 5k. Dogs can’t lift weights, or use the gym. If you’re going to increase their fat burning, you need to increase the intensity of their exercise. This means that a daily stroll just won’t cut it any more, it’s too laid back. The Pooch to 5k program will help you get your dog from doing nothing much to comfortably running 5km, over a period of 12 weeks.

Because you’ll be running with your dog, you’ll also get a great workout three times a week, as you train yourself to run 5km. Why not subscribe to our dog health and fitness newsletter and grab your dog, and you’re ready to go!

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Because I run at night with my dog, in places where there are no footpaths, I always take care to make him as visible as possible.  I use a reflective strip around his collar, and I’ve been putting a bicycle-style tail lamp on his collar.  Well, not any more!  I recently acquired a PolyBrite Lighted Collar from the Australian distributor, B-Fit Sportswear.

PolyBrite CollarsThis neat product combines a retro-reflective bright green strip on the outside of the collar with a red-glowing clear polymer extrusion embedded within it. In the daytime I was thinking “Yeah, OK, so it’s bright green and blinks red.” but at night it was really very visible.

Where I take Sinner has very few streetlights, so I wear my own headlamp and tail light also.  Every time I swung my head around to look at Sinner the reflective sheath of the collar stood out like a sore thumb and when my head was turned away my peripheral vision caught the bright red pulses from the polymer core.  It is viewable from a much wider angle than the small bicycle tail light I usually use for him.

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Book Review – The Culture Clash

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This book will open your eyes!  You may be horrified to learn that your sweet fluffy canine companion doesn’t cuddle up to you because he loves you, and he doesn’t chew your slippers to get revenge for leaving him at home. Nope. Dogs basically do things or don’t do things because there is something in it for them. Not for love. Not out of defiance. Not for revenge.

That may be hard to get your head around, and should make you stop and think about how you interact with your dog. Do you come home and get angry at your dog if he has chewed the furniture while you were out? He doesn’t connect your anger with the furniture, all he sees is his beloved master coming home and yelling at him. That’s not good for your relationship at all!

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